“For at some point, each of us will be asked to embody what we feel and know.”
Chang-rae Lee

NEW MOON in VIRGO: Sep 20, 2017 @ 1:30am EST at 27 degrees

Eclipse survivor… Check!

The past several weeks have aroused radical revelations and deep insights as to the course of our lives and our personal path to inner freedom. September’s total solar eclipse is one to mark down in the history books. This past month has brought many of us into a new level of awareness shining light upon those areas of our lives or parts of ourselves we’ve been denying; giving us the opportunity to see (and work with) what has been lurking in the shadows or stowed in the depths.

After rising up in consciousness and reclaiming our sovereign selves we begin a new chapter. Leo themes are setting the stage for the next cycle and marking the beginning of the Sun’s descent toward winter solstice (in esoteric yoga, the inward and downward movement through the chakric tree of life).

Today’s New Moon in Virgo calls forth Embodied Presence and Clear Discernment. Our heart is the compass, our mind the navigating system and our body the vessel. My guru would always say (translated in my words) there is a reason the head is above the heart for the heart moves us but the intellect guides us. This lunation initiates the fulfillment of our combined physical and spiritual presence calling forth an integrated experience of body, mind and soul. We can no longer segregate ourselves from nature and our personal truths. Bringing the totality of our reality (both inward and outward states of being) into harmonic resonance is the path of presence and the journey forward.

“Your deeper knowing seeks to be embodied in the way you speak, the way you relate to others and yourself. It seeks to be embodied in your humanity, as if it’s saying, ‘Live this, live this, live this.’ ” ~ Adyashanti

The Moon/Sun will oppose Chiron (the wounded healer) in Pisces creating an opportunity for personal and collective healing physically, mentally AND emotionally. But first we may have to touch the wound and/or experience the pain…the collective wound of separation, division, and conflict. Our willingness to go through the Virgo process will be the determining factor of whether (and/or how) we come out the other side. As the Sumerian Law of Utu suggests…you can only go so far into the forest before you return out again… or so far into the night before day begins. Life is cyclical with natural laws and is based in a cosmic order.

Virgo energy reminds us of our humility, our humanness and our need to be humbly devoted to life’s process. And, with a square to Saturn in Sagittarius, commitment to our inner truth is a must.

Mercury, ruler of this lunation, is also transiting through Virgo and is conjunct Mars. Making this is a highly action oriented day. It’s definitely a good time to initiate plans or to create one. Neptune in Pisces is in opposition to Mercury potentially showing us how we get in our own way of forward movement. Or, where our deep seated fears keep us in denial. Cold hard facts are required for discerning the next step, as is pure practicality. So, if there is vagueness, doubt, lack of clarity and focus, look to the ground beneath your feet. Know where you stand in this moment and base your next step on what’s in front of you in heart, in mind and in body.

It is a wonderful time to re-establish and recommit to our spiritual sadhana (discipline). Virgo is all about details… devising a plan and engaging the process… Remember that Mercury rules the throat, vishuddha chakra, and invites us to be in communion with life and as messengers of spirit to purify our minds and speech accordingly.

+ discernment
+ presence
+ devotion
+ embodiment
+ daily discipline
+ loving our bodies
+ devise a plan
+ engage the process
+ earthly elements
+ purification
+ forgiveness

Virgo loves ritual and ceremony… So, take time near the new moon and through the month to be in ceremony with life and the experience of being human. Be so devoted to presence in every movement of your daily life. Feel your way through the dark and the unknown blessings coming forth and allow your life to be a living prayer. Create a ritual of forgiveness through prayerful meditation.

Wishing you LOVE beyond… And, more joy and fulfilled than you’ve ever imagined!
Om shanti… Om peace, elaina

Moon/Sun opposite Chiron
Mercury in Virgo
Mercury conjunct Mars
Mercury opposite Neptune
Moon/Sun square Saturn

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