Introduction to ESOTERIC soul ASTROLOGY of Kriya Yoga

Expand your knowledge of ASTROLOGY, SYMBOLISM, and MYSTICISM through this experiential online immersion course.

Learn the basic language of astrology (planets/signs/houses) and how it corresponds to the mystical states of consciousness in kriya yoga, along with keys to unlock your personal karmic patterning through kriya ritual. You will explore the realm of symbols and how to identify, interpret, and categorize them to make meaning of your daily life while gaining greater self-awareness and self-mastery.

It is highly empowering to read your own astrological chart and it is through the study of self, symbols, nature and your interconnectedness that you come to understand your relationship to life, the world you live in, and the cosmos.

+ Learn to read and interpret your natal chart.
+ Acquire the language of the stars relative to yoga and the soul.
+ Come to understand the mystical states of consciousness.
+ Gain greater knowledge of symbolism in your everyday life.
+ Develop self-awareness and self-mastery through kriya ritual.

This immersion course is offered as seven classes over a three week period in an intimate online classroom setting. If you’re a yoga teacher, spiritual healer, wellness coach, counselor, psychologist, or a curious seeker…this will be a wonderful resource for both personal and professional expansion and growth.

Meeting Dates are as follows:
Next scheduled dates in 2018 TBA


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