Elaina offers individual consults remotely worldwide via phone, video call (using Zoom) or in-person at her private studio in Deerfield Beach, Florida. If you have questions prior to booking an appointment, please feel free to call (754) 264 – 7110. If you’re a new client, remember to complete our INTAKE FORM at least 24 hours in advance of your first appointment.   



Providing insight, clarity, and direction – guiding you toward a clear mind, stable emotions and conscious alignment with your life purpose and authentic self. Each consultation is unique to your needs. The goal is to harmonize your thoughts and actions with your current goals and life dreams. [Supporting self-mastery, life purpose, transitions, relationships, business, spiritual, soul healing] – $108  >>>BOOK NOW


A highly recommended foundational session and individual horoscope overview of your personal life map. Your Personal Blueprint is a comprehensive survey of your natal chart, that explores the insights, opportunities and challenges that lend meaning and understanding to your life experience. (90 min.) – $180  >>>BOOK NOW


As we better understand the interplay of our relationships and the contributions each individual brings, we become more skillful in our ability to connect and engage in the dynamic with grace and compassion. In so doing, we can develop a deeper appreciation of our relationships and connection. (60 min.) – $135  >>>BOOK NOW


Conscious Parenting guidance assists in gaining clarity of the dynamics and potential interplays of the parent/child relationships as well as potential opportunities and challenges the child may confront. This knowledge can be supportive and useful in guiding and encouraging individuality, personal strengths and aid in self-empowerment. (60 min.) – $135  >>>BOOK NOW


A digital audio recording revealing the influences and opportunities of a particular lunation in relation to your personal natal chart. (15 min.) – $40 >>>BOOK NOW


A Transformational journey through the six primary states of consciousness and beyond. This seven week series explores all areas of the individual psyche using the natal chart and the seven primary planetary symbols. It is alchemical and enlightening experience and a journey in consciousness. (7 weeks, 60 min. each week) – $750  >>>BOOK NOW


A holistic and enlightening yoga practice that blends astrology, yoga asana and meditation. Your personal horoscope is highlighted each session and is infused into yoga practice of asana, breathwork and meditation. It is offered one-on-one or small private groups as 90 min. sessions. – $145  >>>BOOK NOW


A very personalized and taylored yoga practice to best serve your needs, level and goals. Private sessions will rapidly excel your personal practice. (70 min.) – $95  >>>BOOK NOW