The most natural, fluid, and supportive aspect of our being is our breath. That which we draw inward and that which we expel is the movement of life within and without. Breathing is our direct link to the nature of Divine, and it is the bridge that connects our inner and outer worlds. As we draw breath in, we allow inspiration to fill our beings.

Inspiration welcomes Divine life into our body. We’ve all experienced moments of inspiration when we feel alive, connected, and whole. These are noted occasions when our creativity is heightened and effortless. Why then do we feel at times disconnected and in search of inspiration? Have we lost our connection to breath – to ourselves – to the Divine life energy that sustains our being? Inspiration is never lost, it is only forgotten. The question we can ask is – how then do we remember it when we need it most?
Awareness is the key that unlocks the gates of our memory. As we broaden our horizon of awareness and develop awareness of Self, we become more conscious of the inspiration that we may have momentarily lost. As we embody Divine, we not only feel inspired , but we become inspiration because it is our nature to breathe – to draw in life and to then give life back (exhalation). What we give back as we exhale then becomes inspiration for others to take in.

Inspiration has no ownership, no identity. It is the very essence of life. It is the natural sustaining force of our existence. It offers each of us an opportunity — “The ability to hear the word that comes from within” (Hazrat Inayat Khan).

In yoga the word is vak. It is a conscious connection to our inner vibration and the energy expressed in a word, a line, a note, a color. These expression of beauty and wisdom are interpretations of what gives us inspiration and also what we inspire. True inspiration doesn’t come or go. It is simply being in awareness. It is communion with Divine as Self and as a Whole.