“The Universe has shaken you in order to Awaken you.” ~ author unknown

Awaken Beautiful One. +++ BLOOM BRIGHT! +++

May the creative shakti force of our being rise up with surging confidence, courage, and joy as we elevate in harmony with life, the cosmos and divine will.

It is TIME to ascend from the depths and come alive with radiance! The forces of nature are activating our vital essence; germinating the seeds of our potentiality. And, from the dark inner sanctuary of our soul where we’ve stirred in reflection upon the wisdom of our molten history, and nurtured the seeds of our most essential truth, we now RISE up from stillness and uncertainty to meet the momentum of life’s cosmic current; the midpoint of our celestial and seasonal cycle. Aspects of ourselves are being resurrected, and thus, we are reborn. It is here at this initiatory portal (the space between what was and what will be) that we merge into our most fundamental state of balance.

From this place of harmony within ourselves we come alive: we WAKE UP to the most vibrant expressions of ourselves – living more fully, more honestly, upholding our responsibilities with infinite joy.

BRIGHT SPRING BLESSINGS to ALL! May Radical Harmony Reign!


About The Author


Elaina is a yogic priestess, mentor and visionary celebrating and exemplifying the value of spiritual life and holistic well being. Her personal mission is to awaken consciousness - igniting a spark of joy in every soul she meets. She teaches and writes regularly on subjects including: astrology, yoga cosmology, and conscious living. She offers one-on-one spiritual guidance and group facilitation.

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