“For the bliss of the deep abode is not lightly abandoned in favor of the self-scattering of the wakened state,” ― Joseph Campbell, The Hero With a Thousand Faces

Let the seeds of your inner light SHINE!
December 21, 2017

Solstice: Sun stands still

The winter solstice marks the shortest day of the year when the Sun reaches its lowest point on the celestial equator. Here in the northern hemisphere we enter the season of winter, which also coincides with the Sun’s transition into the zodical sign of Capricorn. In esoteric kriya yoga we return to our energetic roots, the base of the chakric tree of life, muladhara. It is a celebrated time of coming home to our origin, our families and our deep abiding hearts.  It is a season of turning our consciousness inward for reflection, endings, renewal and rebirth.

As the shortest day of the year it is a time of taking refuge in the deep abode of the night and inviting the wisdom of the dark. Here we call upon our ancestors, our memory tracks, and great mother earth herself to guide us into re-membering; a recollection of our connection to the infinite thread of truth that is woven through generations. We leave the details and the dramatic stories behind washing the fabric of our lives clean and we claim the single threads of wisdom, the culmination of lessons and the moral rights imprinted on the scroll of our existence. We look upon the timeless flames and we tend the sacred fire of our souls through the dark night – bending through our flaws, warming our thickened blood and igniting the purity of our essence.

It is here, in the depth of ourselves, the deepest darkest parts of who we are that we reclaim our seeds of truth and honor the souls voyage that has turned inward upon itself yet again; confronting demons and burning through illusions so that we might peer into the eyes of truth with loving ease and know who we are, from where we have come, and thus, where we will go. There is no fear, no refrain, but a surrender and an innate alignment to what was, what is and what will always be.

“Let it be still and it will gradually become clear.” ~ Lao Tzu

For three days the Sun will stand still as we reflect, release and renew. On December 25 the Sun begins its procession into ascension and we give birth to something new. The very same day that Christ’s Birth is celebrated. The day honored as the returning of light, truth and wisdom. And, through his gospels (messages of good news) we are given the gift of light. The gospels are inspired seeds of light (of god consciousness) and encoded in our DNA is the seed of this consciousness, which only we can discover and only we will fulfill.

The winter solstice is akin to the new moon of the calendar year.  It is the time to seed our intentions.  Not only our intentions for this coming year, but for this lifetime and beyond.  Each of us holds the divine spark of light (the source of all that is) and this spark is woven through that single thread of truth that we will carry on for generations to come.

May the stillness of the deep abode hold you in the sweetness of ease and the clear flame of inner knowing warm you always. The portal of light is open and you are the gift!

Blessings for the happiest of holy days.

+ Sacred fire release ceremony (let go of what no longer serves you)
+ Take time for silence (mouna) and listen to the wisdom of the earth and your body
+ Create a vision board or soul journal
+ Meditate and do a guided soul journey
+ Write down life goals and intentions
+ Receive or do an energetic clearing
+ Be kind and love yourself more
+ Repeat a prayer of trust – trusting the wisdom in life and in yourself