“Only those who have dared to let go can dare to re-enter.” ~ Meister Eckhart

Today, I Choose… Are my personal prayers of intention and commitments for this season of endings and renewal – The Winter Solstice. I share them as a spark of inspiration and a nudge of encouragement for you to do the same. (See instructions at the bottom of the post).

Om sri surya va namaha. We salute the sun.
Be Blessed. Be Love. Be Free. Om shanti, elaina

My personal Winter Solstice prayers and decrees.

I let go of the immature needs of my ego.
I let go of all the ideas and beliefs that limit my freedom.
I let go of the need to have it my way.
I let go of the need to hold on.
I let go of trying to control what isn’t mine to control.
I let go of who I thought I was.

I choose to be more of who I am.
I choose to get more curious about the wisdom of insecurity.
I choose to be responsible for myself – my thoughts, emotions, and actions.
I choose to live in commitment and connection as a path of transformation.
I choose to soften in resistance.
I choose to know, understand, and claim my personal boundaries.
I choose to be gentle.
I choose to be devout in my daily spiritual practice.
I choose to live free.
I choose love.


“The sun sets and the moon sets, but they’re not gone. Death is a coming together.” – Rumi

“The call of death is a call of love. Death can be sweet if we answer it in the affirmative, if we accept it as one of the great eternal forms of life and transformation.” – Hermann Hesse

“Whatever you receive, wherever it comes from, cherish the desire to give it back in full measure.” – Swami Chidvilasananda

[from Julia Cameron]

Today, I choose the softening grace of forgiveness. I allow the sunlight of the spirit to reach my shadowed heart.

Today, I accept divine timing. I allow the pacing of the Universe to be my own. I align myself with the tempo of my life precisely as it is unfolding.

Today, I let go. I release my defenses. Rather than hold myself tightly curled into a fist I use the fight adversity, I open my heart’s hand to allow the touch of friendship, the touch of hope. Rather than harden my heart against further blows, I soften it to receive new beginnings.

Find a quiet comfortable place to focus and reflect. On a piece of paper or in a journal create two lists. One that begins each statement with, “Today, I Let Go…” and a second that begins each statement with, “Today, I Choose…” Create a special place or altar with sacred objects, incense, or whatever feels right. Light a candle and silently read your list as a prayer and then say them aloud as a decree completing the ritual with the statement, “If it be thy will.” Do this for five days from Dec 21 – Dec 25 and on the Dec 25 when the Sun begins its ascension know that your prayers of release and your commitments for the season are riding on the golden wing of a life giving star activating your ascension.