“Worship means reverence and humility it means revering your real self and humbling delusions.” ~Bodhidharma

In the Kriya Yoga tradition, life itself is spiritual, sacred, mystical, and thus, each of us being a part of life are spiritual. Our journey of living day to day is the Spiritual path. As we evolve through time we are awakening into greater conscious presence and alignment with our true nature. As we understand our connection and unity with all of life we naturally become more reverent and aware of all that is.  Ceremony and ritual are key components to living a conscious life.  Puja is a sanskrit term meaning worship and this worship is a praising of the grace of God, the grace of life within all living things and a deep abiding awareness of cosmological perfection.

Whether we are preparing a meal, working in the garden, caring for our youth, offering our gifts to the world through our work – we have the opportunity to create ceremony and ritual. The Ceremony is the outer representation of our intention and the ritual is the inward process invoking the intention.  Ceremony often does not exist without ritual, however ritual can be performed without ceremony.  Together they are the most impactful. Our thoughts initiate and our actions activate. As we align our thoughts and actions we become unified and daily reverence leads to a harmonious existence. Harmony is the goal of yoga. In harmony we live our truth and thereby attain ever greater enlightenment.