SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE [Soul Shine Astrological Counseling/Coaching]

In many of the world’s spiritual traditions, spiritual advisors have been essential in support of one’s life journey. Spiritual Guidance with Elaina is a partnership dedicated to your spiritual evolution; reflecting your highest Self and revealing the radiance within. As your spiritual advisor Elaina acts as a touchstone and helps illuminate your personal path to inner brilliance. You’ll receive skills on the artistry of life along with an integrative awareness of living authentically with greater consciousness. ~ $108  >>>BOOK NOW

PIVOTAL TRANSITIONS [Soul Shine Astrological Counseling/Coaching]

Transitions are pivotal times in our lives. They are portals of opportunity with a potential to be highly transformative. Inviting a guide into your life to support you through these times can be essential and illuminating. When we recognize that we have support in our lives and that life itself supports us, we remember that we aren’t alone. In turn, this gives us courage to to carry on, to do what needs to be done, and to remember the joy in our hearts ~ the happiness within. ~ $108  >>>BOOK NOW


IPower mentorship program is created specifically for young adults [18-28] seeking spiritual direction and self-realization.  This ten week program is based on the ten foundational ethical guidelines of yoga – the yama’s and niyamas.  Through each session we’ll explore the hidden aspects of self, while identifying individual strengths and challenges for greater harmony and focus.  The vision of IPower is to encourage self-actualization.  ~ $850  >>>BOOK NOW


A highly recommended transformational journey through the six primary states of consciousnes and beyond. This seven week series reveals every aspect of your natal chart – dissecting all areas of the individual psyche using the natal chart and the seven primary planetary symbols. It is alchemical and enlightening experience you won’t regret journeying through.  ~ $750  >>>BOOK NOW


Holding space in group is a powerful platform to facilitate growth and cultivate community connection.  The transformative power that occurs in sacred circle is unmatched. Having the support and encouragement of others, along with the skills of creating ceremony and ritual, empowers and elevates the strengths of each individual. In this program you will receive tools to begin your own sacred circles along with a platform to develop a structured outline and format for group facilitation to begin. [12 week online course + 3 privates sessions + group retreat] ~ inquire for details