“The depth of your pain will always be equal to the depth of your love.” ~ Shannon L. Alder

NEW MOON in SCORPIO: Nov 18, 2017 @ 6:41am EST at 26 degrees

All new moons are symbolic new beginnings and arrive with a promise of renewal. The energetic influences at the time of the new moon sets the tone for the 28 day lunar cycle. Today’s New Moon in Scorpio presents an opportunity for both a redefining and a deepening of our commitments. The moon readily calls forth change and when linked to Scorpio these changes are never limited to the surface… they are pervasive, deep and profound.

So, if you’re ready to make some BIG changes now is the time to set your intentions and commit. The energetic climate is favorable and the stars are aligned. Keep in mind, that the natural law of change often requires that something be released in order to be reborn… it is not always comfortable, kind or pretty confronting the shadow, however the payoffs are generally exponential. Integrity and truth are key words to identify and activate these necessary changes.

Scorpio is considered one of the most mystical signs of the zodiac and is known for being intense and transformative; as a water sign she has the tendency to activate heightened emotions, sharp perceptions, and a striking intuition. It is here that hidden secrets, vulnerabilities, and fears arise in order to reveal our true passions which ultimately inform our actions, and thus, the course of our lives. As we touch and honor our emotional wounds, no matter how painful or disturbing, we give ourselves permission to heal and uplift our soul.

This lunation is forming a harmonious trine to Chiron offering gentle support to restore past traumas, along with an inconjunct to Uranus and a strong desire for breakthroughs. Being present and staying in the process while taking it slow is encouraged, since Uranian energies can be sudden and often unpredictable.

Pluto, the ruling planet of this moon, is in the sign of Capricorn where we have been penetrating the very ground of our being to access an intrinsic sense of security. Any dependency outside ourselves seems weak in comparison to the depth of our inner fortitude. Personal power requires that we cultivate faith in life and her process. This includes, trusting ourselves and our truth in order to go into and pass through the rebirthing process.

The assertive energies of Mars (the sub-ruler of Scorpio) is in Libra (the sign of harmonious relationships) and in mutual reception to Venus in Scorpio. Both, are rather uncomfortable in these positions and may feel somewhat irritated. This irritation invites movement to permeate the egos fortress and access the hearts call to reform.

Pluto and Mars are squaring one another creating a dynamic charge of raw courageous energy striving for peace and an undeniable pervasive force that is challenging and empowering us to activate the next big step. This aspect can be fierce and destructive so it may be wise to call in patience, self-control, and reserve. Ultimately, whatsoever arises is showing us what is ready for transmutation. We are purifying our emotional bodies and uplifting our reactive egoic tendencies. Choosing not to confront or to remain in denial will only sever the connection we so long to fuse.

As our inner and outer realities begin to merge we align our lives with greater honesty and integrity. And so, our sadhana, or spiritual practice is to stay present with what is… to hold space for healing to occur, to unify or yoke our being like never before. As Sri Ravi Shankar said, yoga is the wave uniting with the depth. We are becoming One, again!

Loving you ALL infinitely!
In service and in gratitude… Om shanti, elaina

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Moon/Sun inconjunct Uranus
Moon/Sun trine Chiron
Pluto in Capricorn
Mars in Libra
Pluto square Mar


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