“In order to be effective, truth must penetrate like an arrow.” ~ Wei Wu Wei

NEW MOON in SAGITTARIUS: Dec 18, 2017 @ 1:30am EST at 26 degrees

Sagittarius is the truth seeker of the zodiac, readily aspiring for growth and expansion. As an activating fire sign it is super-charging us with faith, inspiration, and a broad perspective. The arrow is a symbol that represents the centaurs nature and the vigor of the Sagittarian, which is prompting us to cultivate clear vision and single pointed focus toward our target. Like Diana the Huntress and the focus of our meditation (dhyana) we are harnessing the power of wisdom and clarity to move us forward in harmony with our personal goals and life mission.

The arrow of truth is becoming the arrow of time as we align right action with right timing. Once the arrow is released from the bow we must let go and let life navigate our journey to the target… step by step, brick by brick we build a firm footing, a strong inner fortitude, unequivocal commitment, and focused perseverance to pave the path toward that which ultimately liberates us. We are infusing the optimistic qualities of Sagittarius into our new year initiations and uplifting Saturn’s upcoming reign in Capricorn.

Saturn, the Lord of Karma, is conjunct this moon and plays a key role in initiating us into this new cycle and the transition from the element of fire to that of earth. For the past two plus years Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius has been clearing the path to personal truth; excavating our belief systems to better align our lives with greater integrity, faith and joy. We are now preparing to take deliberate action toward building the most authentic vision of our lives based in the enlightened wisdom we have gained.

This lunation ignites our next big adventure. On Dec 19, the day after this new moon, Saturn will ingress into Capricorn marking a pivotal point for all of us both individually and collectively. Saturn rules over our roots, foundations and structures, as well as our sense of security, personal authority, and integrity. As a supreme teacher and the lord of time, Saturn is known for delaying, restricting or imposing limitation that work to anchor us back into our essential nature. Saturn is the primary ruler of Capricorn so his energies over the next several years will assuredly make a lasting impact. >>> READ MORE about SATURN in CAPRICORN Here.

All new moons are new beginning, but some are more inspiring and long-lasting than others, and this is one of those lunations. Setting clear intentions backed by a willing commitment will help advance our personal missions with evermore strength and vitality. We have the high voltage energies of Uranus in Aries (trine to the Sun/Moon) here to support us in activating and initiating new paradigms.

Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, is transiting through Scorpio where we are diving into the depths of our vulnerabilities to transform and integrate our true power and with a harmonious trine to Neptune in Pisces we are calling up our dream of dreams from the ashes of our deepest emotional wounds that we can elevate the souls passion for evolutionary change.

This lunar experience is an invitation to trust ourselves and the process; to believe in our true nature and to act in alignment and synchronicity with the whole of our reality, including our relationships. When the arrow of truth pierces the heart of our being we can’t help but surrender to The Way… Once we pass through the Winter Solstice gateway on Dec 21 and Mercury goes direct (Dec 23) we’ll be ready to align with the stars and emerge with ever greater fortitude and conviction.

RISE UP my Beloveds and ride the wing of our life giving star… the golden Sun will shine brighter again! A new day, a new season, a new year, a new ADVENTURE!

Happiest of Holy Days! May abundance fill your hearts and your homes.
Om shanti… om peace,

Moon/Sun conjunct Saturn
Moon/Sun trine Uranus
Jupiter in Scorpio
Jupiter trine Neptune
Jupiter square North Node

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