“Let Om be the bow, mind the arrow, and higher consciousness the target.” ~ Dyana Bindu Upanishad

FULL MOON in SAGITTARIUS: Jun 9, 2017 @ 9:09am EST at 18 degrees

Today’s Full Moon in Sagittarius awakens the inspired truth seeker in each of us. These influential energies are filled with positive expansion and adventurous potential. The Sun is opposing the Moon in Gemini, where the symbolic twins get a chance to gaze into the mirror of other to witness its own reflection. Self-Reflection is essential in the realization of self and this full moon is arousing some deliberate revelations to align us with our personal truth.

The Moon is in a wide conjunction to Saturn Rx bringing a great deal of stability and renewed commitment to spiritual focus. Potential fears may arise, especially if we resist letting go of crystallized patterns or beliefs about ourselves that impose an obstacle to our higher evolution. Since Gemini/Sagittarius is the realm of mind we have yet another opportunity to sift through the mind stuff (chitta) or memory, releasing the habitual blockages in order to access more free flowing energy toward the target of our goals.

Saturn represents integrity and personal authority. It takes a great deal of commitment and a tremendous amount of discipline to sustain our integrity, this includes honoring and respecting ourselves first, then harmoniously navigating our lives in sync with those we love, along with our daily duties and responsibilities. Freedom lies in our ability to see and traverse our personal limitations and to honor and eventually transcend our proclivities with ever greater devotion.

Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, is going station direct in Libra today offering the blessing of guru to assist us in navigating harmonious relationships. The great teacher, in this case, becomes the image of our beloved and our ability to honor the needs and give the support necessary to fulfill our closest intimate relationships.

Neptune is a key player in this lunation forming a T-square to the Sun/Moon and an inconjunct to Jupiter challenging us to discern the real from the unreal and the willingness to look beyond our idealistic fantasies through the veils of our created illusion to the truth of what is. As we accept the flow of our reality our sovereign self comes into reign. Again, it’s about maturity. Growing up can feel painful, but it’s what we long for. The ability to manage and master ourselves, our relationships and our lives with ever greater beauty and grace is, in essence, the goal of our human selves in union with our spiritual nature.

Life itself is in a constant state of expansion and contraction. In this case our mind seeks intellectual stimulation to give greater meaning and validation to our experiences. However, the moon always encourages us to come back to feeling. No matter what we “know” intellectually, our lunar nature demands that we return to a feeling state. The question is: How does this feel?

The goal of yoga and of life is to identify and live in the infinite thread of stillness, harmony, and light. This is often referred to as the middle path. The fabric of our lives is woven together through our many experiences of going out and coming in, of inspiration and expiration, of life and death. Essentially, life is a container for continual transformation, a rhythmic ebb and flow and  a constant potentiality for us to tune in with ever greater harmony with ourselves, others, and nature. Always remember, you can only go so far into the forest before you come out again. And, the way is always…through.

At times it can be challenging to surrender to the flow, but as my beloved guru repeatedly said, “Attitude is everything. Attitude is all.” Let your spiritual goal align with your mindset and let go and let life…trust the process and the right timing of things.

Together, let’s tap into the current of creative energy that is manifesting through us… Invoking Satchitananda… Pure Conscious Bliss. 

Om shanti…om peace.

May each of us identify that single thread of truth that is woven through all our perceived realities, that we might sync into the creative fulfillment of infinite unfolding and infinite being.

Jupiter in Libra station direct
Jupiter inconjunct Neptune
Jupiter trine Sun
Jupiter sextile Moon
Jupiter square Pluto
Moon conjunct Saturn
Sun/Moon square Neptune
Sun opposed Saturn
Sun inconjunct Pluto

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