So much of life is about our relationships and a happy life is about balancing these relationships. the first relationship is our relationship to ourselves, becoming self-aware.  As we deepen into our most authentic selves, we become more connected to life and those around us.  Yoga aligns your way of being with your deepest and most holistic sense of self and when we are true to our most authentic selves and taking actions with integrity to support that authentic place of clarity at the center of our beings, we give others the opportunity to do the same.  Everthing we do is in relatioship to something else.  The most valuable tool we can cultivate is harmony in relationship.  This harmony is based on a sense of acceptance, respect and compassion for our loved ones and their needs and goals. The ancient wisdom of astrology supports conscious living and is a yogic tool for self-awareness and presence.  Relationship Guidance with Elaina will provide you with a clear understanding of your obstacles and challenges in relationship and how you can best navigate the changing rhythms and transform the sometimes unsurmountable dynamics for healthy and happy connections.  Elaina works with both individuals, couples and families to support and upift harmony in the indivual and the enviroment. ~ $135  >>>BOOK NOW