MOKSHA!!!  PLUTO goes stationary direct today at 16 degrees Capricorn. What is being LIBERATED in you? The Phoenix is ready to rise again!

Pluto demands authentic power and we must go to the depths to discover the content of that which keeps us from claiming it. Kali, as a Pluto symbol and the destroyer of illusion, strips away false realities that no longer support the integrity of our being. She penetrates our core vulnerabilities that we might confront our essential truth with evermore honesty and commitment. She sits with us in the dark as a witness to our demise and deepest insecurities. She commands reverence to the Ultimate Reality (Brahman). She holds our hand when fear erupts and with fierceness she inflames us with the power to overcome the loss of anything that keeps us from the truth of who we are.

Transformation is an inside job. Through this retrograde cycle (Apr 20-Sep 28) we’ve seen what’s needed for change, now we activate Pluto’s forward momentum to initiate and embody it. RISE UP my Beloved’s LIVE True! .


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Elaina is a yogic priestess, mentor and visionary celebrating and exemplifying the value of spiritual life and holistic well being. Her personal mission is to awaken consciousness - igniting a spark of joy in every soul she meets. She teaches and writes regularly on subjects including: astrology, yoga cosmology, and conscious living. She offers one-on-one spiritual guidance and group facilitation.

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