The new moon has been a time for women to gather and hold space for each other since the dawn of time.  New moons are portals of opportunity and a wonderful time to set intentions. It is often said that what the new moon promises the full moon fulfills.  If you’re wanting to meet other amazing women, share in community, connect to the rhythm of nature and the cosmos, while being nurtured with wisdom, then this is a gathering for you. We gather in sacred circle connecting a community of conscious feminine to ignite the power of lunar wisdom ~ weaving her cosmic language into our awareness through the evolutionary practices of astrology, yoga philosophy, and the ancient feminine wisdom. We gather bi-monthly activating the power of each NEW MOON and FULL MOON through meditation, ceremony, ritual, wisdom sharing, discussion, journaling, song and dance.  To join us in South Florida click here or REGISTER HERE. (New Moons are women only, Full Moons we welcome conscious men to join us.)

♥ The south Florida gatherings are led by Elaina Beam (kriya yoga astrologer, mentor, sacred space holder). Elaina encourages you to create a local group wherever you live.  Inquire about her group facilitation and sacred circles mentorship program.♥


Get your personalized new moon reading each month to gain greater perspective, clarity and vision of how each lunation impacts you personally.  As we understand the rhythms of the cosmos as mirrored into our inner world we better understand our personal nature and our relationships.  In this reading you will receive a digital audio recording revealing the influences and opportunities of a particular lunation in relation to your personal natal chart. (15 min.) >>>PURCHASE NOW

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