“Her heart was wild, but I didn’t want to catch it, I wanted to run with it, to set mine free.” ~ Atticus

FULL MOON in LIBRA: Apr 11, 2017 @ 2:06am EST at 21 degrees

Libra consciousness is based in the heart and calls for justice and harmony above all. This Full moon in Libra springs forth from the New Moon in Aries where we re-claimed our passions and true value. In doing so, our relationships likely went through a major re-calibration. The balancing of the scales is an inevitable process when dealing with Libra energy. And, when it comes to Love we weigh our hearts to that of a feather…

True love inspires freedom, it never binds. Today’s Full Moon in Libra shines brightly upon the harmony (or disharmony) of our relationships (including and especially our relationship to ourselves) and with an immense charge of Moon/Jupiter opposing Sun/Uranus in a T-square to Pluto. Holy WOW! It’s likely that we are ALL feeling this one on a deep personal and interpersonal level.

This is a highly transformational lunation, my friends! 

Uranus wants to break free from an old ego paradigm, while Jupiter (aka Guru) shows us what beliefs about other are limiting our expanded perception of reality or a situation. And, the Pluto t-square in Capricorn calls for reform on all levels (beware of power struggles). Letting go and letting life is our ticket to freedom… a conscious surrender. In doing so, there is a potential to receive a great deal of inspiration!

All in Divine time for Venus’s forward momentum in Pisces later this week (Apr 15), where she’ll be ready to activate her exalted qualities of attraction and abundance. But first she squares Saturn where we have the opportunity to refine our values, beliefs, and intentions with a fine tooth comb making sure that all aspects of ourselves are in alignment with who we truly are, how we wish to live, and inter-relate. From an aligned place commitment is what’s being called for. Key questions you may ask yourself are: What fear or embedded belief system is preventing my ability to see and live my true value? or Am I willing to be vulnerable to allow truth to prevail?

As we come to realize that what is truly ours will never leave us, we come to trust ourselves and our experiences more. Sustaining healthy boundaries, clarifying our expressions, and committing to our truth gives us the courage to be ourselves and our personal resources becomes a gift to humanity as a powerful contribution to the collective. We are each collaborators in this co-creative experience called life and if indeed we are all One reflecting the image of other, then we realize that freedom comes when we love ourselves and each other unconditionally free.

Each of us is responsible for harmonizing our personal lives and claiming our individual role in creating a beautiful reality. And so, we let go of our limited perceptions to enter the domain of love or Brahman. It is here, in the expanse of the totality, that we obtain samadhi (union with divine). Freedom comes in open spaces. Open your mind. Open your heart. LOVE free!

Radiating Abundant Love to ALL! Om shanti… elaina
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May the blessings of guru inspire and uplift our true value, illuminating our path home to the heart of love, truth, and connection.

Moon conjunct Jupiter
Moon opposed Uranus
Moon square Pluto
Sun conjunct Uranus
Sun square Pluto
Venus Rx in Pisces
Venus square Saturn
Mercury Rx in Taurus