NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in LEO: Aug 21, 2017 @ 2:30pm EST at 29 degrees

The currents of change are most certainly coursing through our veins. Our blood may even be boiling with the fires of desire for a new way of being in the world… one that reigns more sovereign and true. It has been a dramatic few weeks leading up to this new moon eclipse and the highly talked about “new beginning” it heralds. All new moons are new beginnings, but this new moon is especially highlighted bringing necessary changes to claim authorship over our lives; directing ourselves in the manner that is aligned with our hearts desire, as opposed to the undercurrents of the subconscious that have been ruling us. The opportunities for change are greatly amplified when a total eclipses is involved.

We are collectively going through a major growth spurt. Maturity and integrity are necessary to claim personal power and act in congruence with our highest presence. We are igniting a greater world vision of peace and unity. However, we may find ourselves more divided than ever, which is often the case just prior to the rubber band snapping us back to stasis. Uranus, is the planet that can bring sudden unexpected events especially when in retrograde phase and is trine to this new moon, not to mention Mercury Rx going direct at the same degree as the eclipse and the culminating the full moon. There is likely some unfinished business that requires our attention before we dive head on in a new direction.

Remember, an eclipse of the sun symbolically eclipses the light of consciousness. We will likely have the opportunity to see what lurks in the shadows that has been preventing us from expressing our most powerful creative selves. A Twist of Fate may be experienced to direct us toward personal and collective dharma; our destiny that has been written again and again…the inevitable return to that which we arose from…love, harmony, connection.

Rapid changes are being invoked on the inner realms. Be a witness to what surfaces over the next few days and take note. Identify where you may be overly confident or feeling lack? And, why? Do you require the validation of others to feel confident? Are you dependent on a person or situation to give you an ego boost or recognize your worth? True confidence comes from within. The appearance of things or outward dramatic displays are just that. Our inward reality speaks truths that are undeniable. Remember we are lifting the veils of illusion. Eclipses burst the maya bubble!

Pray and meditate deeply on the new story emerging in your life. This is not a day of action. Quiet contemplation and meditation is suggested today, as much as possible. Turning our consciousness inward to reflect upon the symbols being revealed will serve us in navigating future terrain. Do everything in your power to align your energies to support a vision of joy, beauty and expanse…we are creating the story of our lives.

Change may appear to be sudden but there are always undercurrents shaping our reality. It’s just a matter of whether or not we are tuned in. Like the moon, change is as much a part of our reality as the sun is to our existence. When they are teamed up for the greater good of ourselves and humanity, harmony reigns in our lives.

Deep Breath. Deep Surrender. Deep LOVE
Om shanti,

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