Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.” ~ Dalai Lama

JUPITER in SCORPIO: The higher mind penetrates our emotional wellspring. Oct 10, 2017 – Nov 8, 2018

Jupiter, aka guru, makes its way into the watery abyss of Scorpio today… Bringing a great deal of vision, growth, knowledge and expansion to all that has been hiding in the shadowy depths relating to power, vulnerability, emotions, joint resources, obsession, fanaticism, intimacy, sexuality, death and rebirth.

Jupiter spends approximately one year in each sign and as a great benefic is considered very positive. However, expansion can work in any direction so let’s be sure we’re expanding in sync with the natural order of life and in the direction of our dreams. Harnessing personal power with deliberate focus to fuel our creativity is at an all time high.

It’s a wonderful period to gather up emotional resources and pool energies toward the souls deepest passion, which inevitably highlights our greatest value. The Scorpio magnetism will do the work from there. Penetrating our innermost fears and confronting hard truths will be the rewarded path toward growth and freedom throughout this next year.

NOTE: Look to see what house in your natal chart governs the Scorpio domain to see how this transit will be impacting you personally.

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