Becoming a parent is one of the most selfless choices a person can make.  It can also be the most rewarding and demanding job of one’s life.  As any parent will tell you, much of parenting requires that we become a student to our child and his/her needs.  Our children teach us to be better people so we can teach them to be their best.  The relationship between parent and child becomes the mold which shapes their character and personality traits, which includes: foundational values, morals and behavior patterns. Conscious Parenting guidance will assist you in gaining clarity of the dynamics and potential interplays of the relationships as well as potential opportunities and challenges the child may confront.  This knowledge can be supportive and useful in guiding and encouraging individuality, personal strengths and aid in self-empowerment.  As parents we want the best for our children and this type of knowlegde can be a tremendous aide and support in the decisions we make in the childs best interest.  When you choose to participate in the process of growth with your child and make the necessary changes within yourself, your awareness of how to best best serve your child becomes apparent. Yoga aligns our way of being with our deepest and most holistic sense of self and when we are true to our most authentic selves and taking actions with integrity to support that authentic place of clarity at the center of our beings, we give others the opportunity to do the same. Follow this link to schedule a Conscious Parenting session. >>> BOOK NOW