Astrological Readings with Elaina Beam provides you insight, clarity, and direction. Whether you’re dealing with a personal crisis, a health matter, self-improvement, an important relationship, family or business issue — whatever the life circumstance — Elaina will guide you toward a clear mind, stable emotions and conscious alignment with your life purpose and authentic self. Each consultation is unique to your individual needs and merges the sacred science of yoga philosophy and the ancient wisdom of astrology as a integrative approach to your healing and holistic well-being. Your sessions with Elaina will harmonize your thoughts and actions with your current goals and life dreams for a more fulfilling life experience. Elaina’s fifteen years of study and experience working with a wide variety students and clients across the country has proven the unparalleled transformational success of Astrological Counseling and its acute therapeutic value. Specializing in: Healing the Past | Self- Mastery | Life Purpose | Pivotal Transitions | Relationships | Conscious Parenting | Spiritual Guidance


Soul Shine sessions guide you directly to the identification of cycles and help you gain clarity on the issues, and then provide you with the tools you need to help shift and direct your energy into a positive, expansive outcome. (60 min.) $108  >>>BOOK NOW



A highly recommended foundational session and individual horoscope overview of your personal life map. Your Personal Blueprint is a comprehensive survey of your natal chart, that explores the insights, opportunities and challenges that lend meaning and understanding to your life experience. (90 min.) $180  >>>BOOK NOW