“The mind is a vessel not to be filled but a fire to be kindled.” ~ Plutarch

FULL MOON in ARIES: Oct 5, 2017 @ 2:39pm EST at 12 degrees

Today’s Full Moon in Aries is charged with fuel and ready to ignite our hearts mission with the fierce devotion necessary to bring balance to our life and relationships. Absolute presence is key when working with the earthy Virgo process (whose imprint is seeded in this lunation), as is patience and purity of intention. Full moons bring illumination, shining light upon whatever area of life it touches. Look to see what house 12 degree Aries lands in your natal chart to better understand how this lunation might be affecting you personally.

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is the initiator with a primal and instinctive nature. There is an innocent quality to this sign that is often reactive and impatient in allowing the process to present itself. With Mars, the ruling planet of Aries, in Virgo conjunct Venus we are being invited into greater self-control and maturation to align with grace of the heart and Venus’s need for servitude. The wisdom of Venus shines brightly on the Marsian immaturity and knows that beauty in relating is required, no matter what.

“Everything in excess Is opposed by nature.” ― Hippocrates

Truth lies in presence; being in harmony with needs of the moment considering all who are involved is essential during this time. Mars and Venus in Virgo are forming a tense square to Saturn encouraging our ability to be more disciplined in our actions. We may feel resistant, so it is best to lead with the heart rather than the will. Polarization, inner conflict, and aggressiveness can cause impulsive reactivity, so using restraint is definitely recommended. The focus here is on harmonious relating.

We are integrating the masculine (Mars) and feminine (Venus) aspects of our being and Fierce Devotion to the process is required to bring these forces into alignment. This lunation seeks to balance our inner and outer realities, our thoughts and our actions. In order for peace to reign, we must commit to creating harmony. As John Keats expressed in a poem “Beauty is truth…truth beauty.”

The Sun and Moon are forming a T-square to Pluto highlighting the transformative influence of this period along with increased tension building toward reformation. Often this requires change and the release of something that may be hard to let go. Something in each of us is ready to be resurrected! The Phoenix must RISE!

The Sun is conjunct Mercury in Libra opposing the Moon making clear, fair, honest communication a key ingredient to the success of balance and equality. As my guru always said, “put honey on your tongue”, but also choose to be kind, love yourself and honor the god force in others. Namaste.

With a Forgiving Heart, Fierce Love, and Humble Service… elaina
Om shanti…om peace

Sun conjunct Mercury
Moon/Sun T-Square Pluto
Mars in Virgo
Mars conjunct Venus
Mars square Saturn
Mars trine Pluto
Mars opposite Chiron

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